Publication Opportunities

A selection of papers presented at this workshop will be considered for publication in:


- a special issue of Annals of Operations Research.

- a special issue of Economic Modelling.

- a special issue of Studies in Nonlinear Dynamics and Econometrics.

- a section at the Journal of Empirical Finance[1].

- a section at the Energy Journal[2].

[1] “Dual submission to the Journal of Empirical Finance (JEF) will be allowed.  At the time of submission to the conference, authors may indicate that they want to choose the option of dual submission to the JEF.  After the conference, at the discretion of the JEF editors, papers may be invited for submission to the JEF.  Invited papers will not have to pay any submission fees but will go through the regular refereeing process.   Even if a dually submitted paper is subsequently rejected, the authors can submit to the journal again through the regular submission process.”

[2] With the agreement of the EIC, best papers relating to commodities can be considered for publication in the Energy Journal after going through a review process.